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RenderMan standard Python API ?

Hi all,

I often see reference to Python in RenderMan papers. As far as I understood, seems there is, since 2008, a standard Python API defined with the RenderMan reference. The RenderMan Reference version 3.2 (the PDF file) is dated 2005, so is not aware of it. I could find a more up to date draft version of the RenderMan standard, but this one too, does not make reference to a standard Python API.

Just wanted to know if there is really one, and if Aqsis supports it.

With thanks and happy modeling, all.

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Third party python bindings

Hi Hibou,

There is no "standard" renderman python API in the sense that the standard document (the RISpec) doesn't mention it, as you found out.  So... I assume you're talking about this presentation, and I agree that suggests PRMan has had a python binding since 2008.

Aqsis itself doesn't provide a python API, but there is more than one external project which might be able to help you.  The obvious one is cgkit which I know works with aqsis, but the design of the binding is somewhat different from the one mentioned above.  A quick google search also brought up a binding called terry which looks more similar in design to the prman binding though I haven't used it myself.  There may be others too...



Not part of RISpec so

Thanks Chris, Ok, I see the point, this is part of PRMan only, and not part of RISpec.


So the best bette to stay in something standard, is probably to use a direct binding from Python to the standard C API, possibly droping all prefixes like “Ri” in favors pour module, like Terry do. I saw this Terry, but as there was no mention to RISpec around it, I did not care and though this was just a non-standard toy.

Now I know this is the way to do.

I have to seek for either something which write RIB from Python, or a Python binding to a specific render C API.



Terry could not compile, it's made for an old Python version (Python 1.4)

After a quick look, it seems CGKit follows the RenderMan standard API enought. There is a light installation availaible, if you want to avoid installing multiple libraries and go for an error prone process.

For Ubuntu/Debian user only. The documentation is not clear enough in that matter, there is fortunately another page which explains the few steps:

Works fine. Note: instead of installing system wide via and using sudo, you may also install in your $HOME, using “python install --user” instead of “sudo python install”.

For the limitation (and strength may be for you like for me) of the light installation, see:


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